Who Says I Need Help?

One of the things I find very interesting is the range of attitudes amongst business owners when approached with a sales and marketing pitch. It is understandable in today's world to encounter a good deal of resistance from people when an unsolicited pitch, of any kind, is presented to them.

Most businesses are being bombarded daily with sales calls, emails and pitches of various kinds. There are some businesses people that are generally open and friendly, others that will literally hang up the phone before even hearing someone out and a huge range in between. What I have found in my years in business is that those who at least are open-minded about hearing what others have to offer are generally more successful than those that are not. This is a pretty simple equation. Just because you know someone or because you've been introduced to a vendor through someone you know, this does not mean that they are the best at what they do. Every time you blow someone off or decide they are not worth your time before you know who they are or what they have to offer, you may have just turned away the best thing that could have every happened to your business.

Salespeople need to sell, and they have to be aggressive about doing it. Every business has products or services to sell, so every business owner should respect that naturally as they are in the market looking to sell their own products to others.

While there is no question that business owners have a tremendous amount on their plates and need to manage their time carefully, there is a balance between dismissing sales calls and wasting one's time entertaining every call or pitch that is thrown at them. Keeping an open mind and generally being open to what others have to say or offer is an asset to any business owner as you never know what you might come across or what relationship you might develop that bears fruit in time.

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